Tradition and jewelry are synonymous for 24-year-old Alberto Gallinari and his namesake collection. Refined elegance and an eye for both gems and fine jewelry are in the young designer’s blood, thanks to his goldsmith father and gemologist grandfather. The Italian based house is facing its first year on the market, and finding its niche through a defined taste. Classic jewelry is a cornerstone of inspiration for Gallinari, who finds his muse among the different gemstones, colors and shapes that he offers. By incorporating new techniques into his work, there’s a certain sort of flavor embedded into each and every piece, one that mimics the person that he hopes will wear it.

An innate understanding of beauty is seen in Alberto Gallinari’s pieces, which features oversized rings with intricate carvings, encasing stark onyx and white stones. There’s a darker taste felt in these pieces that is viewed through an eye for the gargantuan and slightly gothic. Natural motifs are abundant throughout, as seen in flora sentiments plastered on jet black stones and on vines surrounding polished gems. Although this sort of gothic interpretation isn’t a new trend for jewelry, the quality of Gallinari’s refined pieces sets it apart. By incorporating his Italian roots with his natural understanding of craftsmanship, Gallinari has set out to create a house that’s as deeply rooted in craft as it is in modernity. A new and modern Italian love story is told, all through jewels.

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